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#1 DarkGoddessEve on 3 years ago

I've been looking at Chii cosplays over the internet and would like to Cosplay as Chii. But the problem is I've never seen any other race Cosplay as her except Asians and Caucasians. I'm not worried about height or weight because I'm good in that department. I'm short and petite. So would I be a chocolate version of Chii or how does thiat work? If I do decide to Cosplay as her I'll post a pic before I decide to wear it at Anime Expo next year. That way you guys can let me know how it looks.

#2 AlaizabelCray on 3 years ago

The general attitude of this community is that if you enjoy the character, you should be allowed to cosplay that character regardless of your race.

If you would like to see an example of another Chii cosplayer with dark skin, KiwiNinamori does a really beautiful Chii cosplay.


In my honest opinion, if you really want to cosplay Chii (and who wouldn't? I'd like to cosplay her at some point in my cosplay career), go for it!

#3 tsunderi on 3 years ago

I definitely agree with what TearsOfSunday says!
To add on, your height, weight, race or any other features shouldn't be a reason for you to push away from cosplaying a character that you like. You should definitely go for it!
I'm sure you'd make a beautiful Chii.

#4 derp striderp on 3 years ago

The best cosplays are well made and stand out from the crowd. The fact that you don't see many dark skinned Chii cosplayers seems to me like a perfect opportunity to fill that void :D