Very unique & Enjoyable comic experience tour in Japan !!

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#1 CCJACK on 3 years ago

Hi everyone !!:)

I`m CCJACK and I`m crazy about cos-play.
Love Doragonball-Z since I was little.

I believe that Japanese sub-culture is something that we could be proud of.
This is because Japanese comic and animation are very popular both within the country and through out the world.

That`s why I love this culture and wanna share with foreign cos-play lovers.

I normally planning & doing self comic guide in KANSAI.

I love let foreigner experience unique comic & cos-play tour in mecca of cos-play lovers!!!:skidude2:

Further info refer below


Does anyone know the good place to take photo in Osaka??

#2 sorakitsune on 3 years ago

what kind of places are you looking for?