Missing Photos?

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#1 ~H~ on 3 years ago

I was looking through my gallery and noticed that I am missing at least two photos.

One used to be here: [url]http://www.cosplay.com/photo/3554501/[/url]

The other doesn't even have a page anymore, but it was located in my Bouffalant Gijinka gallery: [url]http://www.cosplay.com/costume/489114/[/url]

There may be more that are missing, but those are the two that I noticed right away.

I wasn't notified of any photo removal. Can someone please help me find out what happened?

#2 Admin on 3 years ago

Thanks for letting me know, it's a leftover from a glitch that happened a couple of months ago. It's fixed now and your photo is showing.

#3 ~H~ on 3 years ago

Thanks! I guess the second one has been lost to the netbugs. I'll just re-upload it ^_-.

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