Steam Punk - Final Fantasy

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#1 DuelingPokemon on 4 years ago

So I moseying around trying to find new ideas and concepts for my White Mage cosplay I was planning on doing. (Thank you to those who helped me with the fabric issues! You guys are awesome! :D) That's when I stumbled across this sketch someone else had done for Red, White and Black Mage:


Absolutely fell in love with what I saw for white mage and I have my heart set on it but I want to make a few modifications while sticking to the steampunk/victorian theme:

1) No butt sticking out - Frankly, I wouldn't feel all that comfortable walking around with the device that makes the skirt puff out like that. Would it be possible to make the outfit while making the back part of the gown train along the ground?

2) Sleeve gloves or Billowing sleeves? - While I think one or the other would look nice, I cant decide if I wanna do one, the other or a combination of both. D: Whatcha guys think?

I'll post more once I start sketching it; Gunna see if I can get my friend to play the red mage. :D