Favorite Anime villain. why.

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#1 Cien on 4 years ago

im not sure the shiro / wretched egg form dead-man wonderland is a villain, but I'm pretty damn sure she's at least a psychopath. But i'd have to go with Sosuke aizen from bleach, his powers are just so awesome.

#2 Jei-Cos on 4 years ago

Man this is a hard one..There's a bunch..

1. Mystletainn - Dream Eater Merry
This one has to be my all time favorite..She's super psycho..The point is she's a Dream Demon (she only exists in the dream world, and the demons attach themselves to humans via dreams) and she gets the main teacher. He then lures the students into low self esteem so they are easy targets for demons. Then he get's Mystletainn to kill their Dream Demon, which makes the human an empty shell of a person. But the WAY she does all this is just..Insane..Like she's smiling and having a good ol time..

2. Kid Buu -DBZ
Same basic reason as above..We all know DBZ and most of us saw the Buu Saga..He's the male version of Mystletainn but not dreams..

3. The Amazon Trio - Sailormoon
Tiger's eye, Fish eye and Hawk eye. All 3 of them were awesome..Out of ALL of the baddies in Sailormoon, this was the best arc..I don't really know WHY I like them all so much, but I do..I grew up on this stuff lol

4. Black Percher (Black Plague) - Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?
Last one for now..There are a LOT more but still..
Anyway this is the cutest little evil bitch ever..She's tiny like a little loli character (the main male character, Izayoi, even says this) and she is the incarnation of the Black Plague. She has no remorse and is even bored because there aren't enough people to kill. Like Killing people is a chore because it's not fun enough for her..Idk how to explain it..She LOVES killing, but is bored while doing it..She has this attack, that's literally a gas that pours from her sleeves that if it touches you, you die right there. Just like a plague as her name implies. She becomes a good guy after she loses to the good guys though and becomes their maid..

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