Any help on my wing

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#1 Alexsl2174 on 4 years ago

Hi I'm working on foldable wing for a costum male angel costume. So far I've finish the mecanism that fold the wing but now I am trying to figure out out to make the feater fold like in this tutorial. (wich doesnt really explain it well)

[URL=""]This is what i've done so far and it work well[/URL]

[URL=""]This is the tutorial and the set of wing I want to replicate is the last one.[/URL]

#2 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

thats good..
and thank you for sharing

#3 Alexsl2174 on 4 years ago

You're welcome...altought i was asking a question not exactly sharing :3

#4 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

haha sorry