PROJECT: Yasuo cosplay help >.<

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#1 snoopDOdoubleG6 on 4 years ago

so I want to do a project: yasuo cosplay for comic con and in the past i have done a shen cosplay and and warring kingdoms xin zhao cosplay, but they were very mediocre and not good at all. so I decided I want to make this one really good and wanted to ask for help. for the project: yasuo cosplay, I want to start on his blade. his sword is very thin and I don't know what to make it out of, any ideas? cheap and easy if possible.

tl;dr I'm doing a project: yasuo cosplay and I want to start on his sword but don't know how to make it because it's too small. help please!

#2 StabbityBlkMage on 4 years ago

Swords I usually use a 1/2" plywood as the base and then either leave it at that thickness or add some PVC to add lightweight thickness. My Garen sword is about 3/4" thick whereas the Akame katana is less than 1/2" thick. I'll post my build logs and you'll get an idea on how to do it. Yasuo's stuff shouldn't be terribly hard, however with that particular skin you might want to work with acrylic for the translucent orange effect.


Swords build: