Badges now on sale! (pricy)

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#1 figment1986 on 5 years ago

Tickets are on sale but be-warned... this year is going to cost more, and they say they are limiting 3 day passes and Saturday passes.:


3 Day Wristband $83.00
1 Day Wristband: FRIDAY $30.00
1 Day Wristband: SATURDAY $42.00
1 Day Wristband: SUNDAY $30.00

#2 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

$83, really? I was planning on making a weekend out of Megacon this year but I think I might pass on that. Though trying to get in and out of the convention center on Saturday takes all of two hours so that's a pain in the rear end, too.

#3 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

I'll still be going for the weekend, but I think I may just be getting a day pass for Friday or Sunday this year and making that the day I do the dealers room and maybe some events. This year I spent most of my time out in the hallways where you don't need a pass hanging out with friends anyway, so buying a pass for the whole weekend felt a little like a waste.

#4 Braithcakes on 5 years ago

hmmm....That's a little WAY outside my budget. maybe I'll just get a saturday ticket. Not going to make a weekend out of it if it's going to bump up that high.

#5 SirWonderusMary on 5 years ago

I think a little while ago they lowered it to 70 or something like that to please con-goers. either way I wouldn't spend so much on that con.

#6 dogwitch on 5 years ago

is 70 is correct price. the fans revolted on price and force the con to do a cheaper rate