Site Upgrade - Latest Status

Fri Dec 14, 5AM Eastern

(For anyone who is confused - we have a brand new version of the site going live over the next few days)

Latest: Logins are enabled. There is also a private forum we've been using for a while, while other features are being re-opened.

The costume and photo dashboards should be up and running toward the end of the weekend.

New user registrations should be open again around the holidays.

Two questions I've had that I can answer here - the photo/costume view counts are not increasing because it would skew heavily toward whoever was lucky enough to add photos/costumes during the last day of activity. Those will start updating once we're 100% live again. Also, as for what will happen with the front page of the new site - it will be changing over into an aggregated feed of user activity (latest photo uploads, updated costumes, new forum threads, etc). In other words, it'll actually be useful for once.

Please note that the final user interface and layout will not be active until everything else has been re-opened across the site. This is because some sections are going on/offline for testing, and I'd rather not have a bunch of broken links for now.

Thank you very much for your patience during this time. - Admin

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