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Talking Get That Dollars! The Official Durarara! Gathering AX 13'

Hello Fellow Dollars and Yellow Scarves Members
I noticed there wasn't a Thread; it's about time someone did!

Without further ado I announce to you:

Welcome To The Official Durarara Gathering AX 2013!!!!
Date: Day 3 July 6th 2013
Meeting Place/Location: Site 3 Concourse (Open To Suggestions)
Time: 10 AM

Hosted By Ryusan777 Co-hosted By Heeroyuy135 FB Event By Negimeister00
AX Thread:
Facebook Event:

Photoshoot In Order:
Yellow Scarves
Izaya & Shizuo
Mikado & Kida
Shinra & Celty
Other Characters
Group Shot
Fan/Photographer's Request's
More Events TBA

Current Headcount: 22

Cosplayers and their respectable Characters:
Mikado Ryūgamine: RenRentheGreat
Masaomi Kida: nateb39007, Senneff (FB)
Anri Sonohara: BelovedStar18
Celty Sturluson BelovedStar18's Sis, TillyMunson's friend
Shizuo Heiwajima: Msaju17 (maybe), Keene (FB), A.L. (FB), Dave (FB), Grijalva (FB)
Izaya Orihara: Negimeister00, BelovedStar18's Sis's BF, Isikaru
Shinra Kishitani: Ryusan777, Ota (FB), TillyMunson
Aoba Kuronuma
Yodogiri Jinnai
Simon Brezhnev
Kyohei Kadota (Dotachin): Heeroyuy135
Walker Yumasaki
Erika Karisawa
Saburo Togusa
Seiji Yagiri
Namie Yagiri
Mika Harima: BelovedStar18's Lil Sis
Shingen Kishitani
Mairu Orihara
Kururi Orihara
Kasuka Heiwajima: Tokio Amarfi (FB)
P-420: Marsh (FB)
V-138: Brooks (FB)(Maybe)

So Lets make some memories and well Duke it out while we're at it!!


*Update Edit 6/14/2013: Polls are closed due to majority vote. 10 AM wins the slot!

*Update Edit 6/10/2013: Facebook Event link has been added.

*Update Edit 6/5/2013: A poll has been established for to decide when is the best time for the gathering to take place. The poll is in the format of multiple choice in the case of someone changes their mind, and/or makes a mistake for what time they are most comfortable with.
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